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We believe that good apps & software brings great impact to you.
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We thrive to transform your company with innovative ideas.
WE live IT.
Developing the newest concepts is daily routine of our expert team.
We find the right way for you.
 Mobile Health checks, solution advisory, business transformation & mobile strategy
are our 4 pillars of consulting.
Our tech team provides support,
assistance, trainings, architecture,
deployment & integration...
Our development team and our project managers support you in apps / professional services...
SharePoint & Content Mobilizer.
To go - on your smartphone, tablet etc.
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No Fairytale: Use Microsoft Apps!

Once upon a time you were allowed to decide what you pay and what you get. This seems to be a fairytale if we look at the beginning. Well, it isn’t. Reality and fairytales are like water and fire. They don’t go to well together. Sometimes, however, we have that childish dream that one of […]

Why Paper Rustlers don’t win a lot of Friends

Attending interesting events and relevant meetings can be inspiring and motivating. It can even win friends, business partners – and much much more. All of us have been incommoded and bugged by seat neighbors because of shuffling through paperwork – mostly of print-outs being handed to all attendees of the gathering. If there are bad […]

Why Microsoft® Teams does not want to team up with anybody else

by Werner Theis, CTO of SYSTAG Group   Microsoft latest gift to its customers is called Teams and promises to combine the teams’ features of SharePoint with Skype, Enterprise Chat, Team Organization and Calendering, Resource Planning, Unified Communication and much more. It also provides utilities for mobile use with the Teams App as well as […]


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